If you own a business that predominantly serves a local area, then you need to ensure that you can be found by potential customers. Google states that about 1 in 3 Google searches are for local services or businesses like “Chinese take away Sheffield” or “Beauty Salon Chesterfield”.

Ultimately your marketing strategy needs to enable you within a specified area to “cast a line and reel um in !” – a more focused approach rather than a needle in a haystack tactic !. You may concentrate on the place where you live or several local places that you are willing to serve.

Technology has made it much easier to link your business with your target market. One of the current, prime places to do this is through a Google My Business. Of course, being owned by Google they have ensured that this register of online business listings is the No 1 place for local businesses to be catalogued. Which business wouldn’t want to be listed on the world’s most popular Search Engine where 50% of mobile searches each day for a local business end up with a visit from a potential customer and 18% of these will turn in to an actual customer.

We recognise now the importance of creating a Google My Business listing but you need to ensure that you are showing up and in with the running by ensuring a fully optimised listing is established. No one wants to be on page 2 ,3, or anywhere other than Page 1 on the Search Engine Results Page.

Your business relies on customers old and new to maintain its existence. The World Wide Web has made it easier than ever to establish a connection and build up longer lasting client relationships, customers are advocates for your businesses.

Standing out to attract new customers has never been easier than with a listing that enables you to bring together every bit of information that anyone would every want to know. For example your company address, contact details including email, your location on a map complete with directions from the consumers location. With each month Google My Businesses entice over a billion users, an opportunity you can afford to miss? I think not !

So lets look at even more reasons why you need to register your business on Google and claim what is rightfully yours !